Member Spotlight: Paradigm Media

As pioneers in the digital marketing industry, Paradigm Media has mastered a unique approach with growth strategies that will help your brand thrive in any competitive market. Paradigm Media leverages the power of paid media and affiliate marketing to connect brands with their ideal audience. Their data-driven and ROI focused approach will show performance beyond expectations.

With over 14 years of combined industry experience, Paradigm brings a winning track record of building marketing strategies that help brands grow and stand out. Paradigm Media has developed an approach guaranteed to reach the ideal customers by identifying the brand’s vision and executing digital marketing strategies tailored to their needs. Whether it’s brand awareness, customer acquisition, or retargeting, Paradigm will develop a consistent and proven full-cycle strategy, while partnering with major networks to run compliant advertisements for clients. By building relationships with leading networks in the industry to create a performance-based affiliate program tailored to your brand, Paradigm will grow your customer base and increase your marketing exposure that gives your brand a competitive advantage. Paradigm Media has proven that success starts with strategy and partnering with some of the largest networks and advertising platforms gives Paradigm the ability to elevate each client’s business and tailor a customer acquisition cycle that aligns with the client’s goals, providing a service that is unmatched.

“By living and breathing digital marketing, our expertise, network of partners, and execution allows us to bring your brand to life and provide a service that is unmatched. Our drive and hunger to surpass goals is what makes us the perfect extension to any team.”  – Sophia Trunzo & Lior Root – Founders


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