CONAGUA Allocates $83.9 Million To Tijuana River Valley Efforts

Humberto Marengo Mogollon has been appointed as Commissioner of CILA, the Mexican section of the International Boundary and Water Commission). CILA has recently installed new pumps in Tijuana to address transboundary pollution impacting the Tijuana River Valley. Mexico’s Water Commission, CONAGUA, also allocated $83.9 million pesos (about $3.6 million USD) to aid operation of the new pumps and began the rehabilitation and maintenance of existing infrastructure.

In Baja, the Secretariat of Water Management, Sanitation, and Protection (SEPROA) announced a 60-day plan to remove an estimated 300,000 cubic meters of sediment and solid waste along the Tijuana River channel. The project began July 6 and removed 13,300 cubic meters of waste within the first week. To help raise funds for the project and other water infrastructure across the city, Tijuana’s Public Utilities Commission (CESPT) has implemented revised water fees. The estimated cost of the project is $4.5 million and is funded in equal parts by CESPT and CONAGUA.