Leadership Action Teams

Each year’s Impact Program cohort includes a large group of skilled professionals across a wide range of vocations and job sectors. The following list include some of the work Leadership Action Teams have done for community organizations. Interested in a helping hand or two for an upcoming project? Visit our LAT webpage for details.

A Reason To Survive (ARTS) (2019) – The Leadership Action Team created a marketing plan framework and fundraising plan. In addition, they explored a potential membership model and also created a video highlighting the ARTS mission.

OG Yoga (2019) – The Leadership Action Team provided a comprehensive strategy and guide for OG Yoga to establish a foundation for future sustainable growth. The plan is separated into five main focus areas: Nonprofit Board of Directors, Budget and Sustainability, Communications and Partnerships, Fundraising Opportunities, and the Teacher Training School Program. To accompany the strategic plan, the LAT group has also provided several practical appendices that will be highly useful to OG Yoga.

I Love A Clean San Diego (2018) – The Leadership Action Team created a plan to improve volunteer development, donor cultivation, and retention of both. The plan includes a volunteer development marketing campaign, recognition program, and communication plan. It also includes a donor conversion plan that links dollars to tangibles. The created plan relates back to the organizations purchase of a new CRM system in which each piece is outlined in a workflow diagram for optimal volunteer/donor communication and involvement.

Promises2Kids (2014) – The team developed and implemented a marketing strategy for social media which will increase awareness of foster youth challenges in San Diego amongst 30 to 45-year-old professionals in an effort to create and sustain a pipeline of next generation time, talent, and treasure support for Promises2Kids and its initiatives.

Outside the Lens (2017) – The Leadership Action Team  worked to build a network of corporate and community partners interested in supporting the CC Three-Year Initiative to expand the innovative youth development program into more San Diego Unified Title One Schools.

Olivewood Gardens & Learning Center (2019) – The Leadership Action Team developed a marketing strategy to enable Olivewood Gardens to increase awareness of their programs, support donor development, and more effectively tell their impact story.

Somali Bantu Association of America (2019) – The team helped SBAOA focus their goals and operations to increase their impact in supporting the Somali Bantu and refugee community in San Diego. This was accomplished through an evaluation of daily workflows and tasks and the design of an operational process to guide for the staff and target community to more easily navigate the organization’s programs and services. In addition, the team helped SBAOA’s CEO enhance his presentation skills while developing an elevator pitch to efficiently communicate to stakeholders and staff. The staff has already seen noticeable change in the CEO’s mindset and now feel empowered to achieve their goals and work as a team, allowing the CEO to focus on moving the organization in a strategic direction.

zero8hundred (2020) – The Leadership Action Team focused on enhancing their objective to ease veterans’ transition to civilian life. The majority of the project was based on obtaining feedback from on an online survey of zero8hundred’s video presentation shown during military Transition Assistance Program (TAP) class. The feedback was presented to zero8hundred, along with other recommendations derived from research.