Member Spotlight: ClickUp

ClickUp is one the fastest growing software companies in the world and a prominent fixture of the San Diego community (you’ve probably seen their ads on billboards and buses all over town). Its all-in-one productivity platform empowers businesses around the world to bring all their work into one place, so they can improve productivity, transparency and collaboration across all teams, no matter where they are or how they work. ClickUp is one app to replace them all, with everything from tasks and docs, to chat, goals and more all in one fully-customizable platform.

In order to meet the needs of its rapidly expanding team, ClickUp is opening up a sprawling new office in downtown San Diego! The new headquarters will be located in the DiamondView high-rise tower overlooking Petco Park, with two full floors, a private rooftop deck and visible branding on the building!

Along with the new HQ, the company will continue its rapid hiring spree across all job functions, including sales, marketing, engineering, customer success and more. A big part of this hiring focus will be continuing to tap into San Diego’s own talented and diverse community, a focus which highlights ClickUp’s efforts to help establish San Diego as a major tech and business hub. Today ClickUp has more than 300 employees, with plans to hire twice this many people within the next year.

As the way the future of work continues to evolve, and ClickUp further establishes itself as a leading player in workplace innovation, the company is looking for talented individuals from all industries and all communities to join their growing team.

To learn more about the company, its core values and its mission of saving people time, as well as to see all current jobs they have available, you can visit their careers page at