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Chula Vista Redistricting Input Requested

In 2012, Chula Vista voters approved legislation to create four geographic city council districts within the City of Chula Vista. Redistricting is required by law to occur every decade, following the census, to redraw boundaries for the four city council districts. Input from residents is compiled and considered by the Chula Vista Redistricting Commission for submission to the Chula Vista City Council for approval of a final map.

You may provide input at any of their upcoming public meeting held at the Chula Vista’s City Council Chambers, located at 275 Fourth Avenue. Meetings will also be live streamed here.

International Business Affairs Forum – November 18

In today’s increasingly interconnected world, businesses frequently find themselves working across international borders. Knowing how to properly conduct business and better serve clients with a diverse cultural background has become an invaluable asset. Developing a deep understanding on how to navigate through international protocol provides our local businesses and industry leaders with essential tools and knowledge to expand abroad, ensure successful business negotiations, attract and retain foreign direct investment, and strengthen their global competitiveness.

Our geographic location gives us unique access to Pacific Asia and Latin America markets, but San Diego has welcomed over $15.6 billion in foreign direct investment since 2016 mostly from the UK, Switzerland, Spain, Israel, and France. Japanese firms also employ more San Diegans than any other country. Companies such as ResMed, Thermo Fisher Scientific, and Illumina, drive San Diego’s competitive advantage bringing local innovations to the global market. This only highlights how critical cultural awareness is for our businesses and workforce.

Join us on November 18 for a conversation on how to navigate through culturally diverse communication styles, negotiation strategies, appropriate gifts, and other customs and protocol that should be observed in an international business environment. Speakers will share best practices on business etiquette across cultures focusing on some of California and San Diego’s top trade partners: Mexico, Canada, Japan, China, and the United Kingdom.

PAGA Reform to be on Ballot in 2022

CalChamber and its coalition partners, including the New Car Dealers Association and Western Growers, have filed the “Californians for Fair Pay and Employer Accountability Act” with the Office of the Attorney General. PAGA, or California’s Private Attorneys General Act, has long been a controversial process by which employees can directly sue their employers for wage and hour claims. They are different from traditional lawsuits and have produced mixed results. The major reforms being proposed by the business coalition seek to reset the terms of the litigation landscape by clarifying that most employers do fully comply with laws. However, when that is not the case, the system must operate in a way that compensates wronged employees quickly. It also proposes to better protect small businesses from frivolous lawsuits, limit the civil penalties, and prohibit attorney’s fees. Upon announcing the filing, CalChamber leadership said, “When workers lose wages, it shouldn’t take years for them to get paid. This measure makes sure wage claims are resolved more quickly and results in a better outcome for workers while reducing shakedown lawsuits.”

Baja Election Updates

Five new mayors took office across Baja this month, including Montserrat Caballero as the first elected female mayor in Tijuana’s history. Mayor Caballero was also voted Chair of the Baja Municipal Committee which aims to increase collaboration across the state. The first item on their agenda is to work with the Federal Commission of Electricity (CFE) to restore electricity supply for the Colorado River-Tijuana aqueduct that ensures water supply in Tijuana. The Chamber has met with Mayor Caballero and looks forward to continued collaboration with the City of Tijuana under her leadership.

At the state level, Baja’s Governor-elect Marina del Pilar will take office on November 1. She has made several announcements to introduce new cabinet members including former Tijuana Mayor and businessman Kurt Honold, who will serve as Secretary of Economy and Innovation. Marina del Pilar has met with California and San Diego elected officials including Lieutenant Governor Eleni Kounalakis, County Supervisor Nora Vargas, and San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria to foster binational relationships, and traveled to Mexico City to meet with federal officials to discuss efforts to advance border infrastructure projects and promote regional economic development. She also joined our Mexico City Summit last month and shared a message with our business community.

President Lopez Obrador traveled to Baja to meet with state authorities and work on a plan to integrate migrants from South America and other Mexican states. He was last in our region back in June when he visited Tijuana, Mexicali, Ensenada, and San Quintin.

Cross-Border Travel Update

After more than 18 months of travel restrictions impacting our land ports of entry, the U.S. announced that fully vaccinated travelers from Canada and Mexico will be able to enter the country by land or ferry starting November 8. In addition, starting January 2022, all inbound foreign travelers crossing into the U.S. – whether for essential or non-essential reasons – will be required to provide proof of vaccination. This includes truck drivers crossing through commercial ports of entry. Foreign-born travelers entering the U.S. by air will need to provide proof of vaccination and a recent COVID-19 test.

Following the announcement, Supervisor Vargas submitted a resolution urging the federal government to provide economic opportunities for businesses and communities impacted by restrictions. The Chamber applauds the efforts of business organizations and government officials in the region who joined us in urging the federal government to lift restrictions that directly impacted our economy and cross-border workforce. Border delays cause over $3.4 billion in lost economic output every year.

As we move forward and continue to collaborate with the federal government to reduce impacts due to border delays, the Chamber hosted a virtual meeting with CBP Executive Director of Cargo and Conveyance Security Thomas Overacker. We are following up with DHS and CBP to confirm what documentation will be deemed acceptable proof of vaccination; if children under 12, who are not eligible for vaccination, will be allowed to cross when traveling with vaccinated guardians; whether the U.S. government will accept vaccines other than Pfizer, Moderna, or J&J; and advocate for sufficient staff at ports of entry to meet increased demand.

Among vaccines that are yet to receive approval from the CDC or FDA are CanSino and Sputnik V, which were widely distributed in Mexico.

Chamber Reintroducing the Chamber Summit to Engage Business Organizations Region-wide

On October 26, the Chamber will host our first Chamber Summit of 2021, convening business groups, chambers, and business improvement districts from across the region to share best practices and learn about pressing policy priorities identified by our Policy Team. The Chamber previously hosted these events quarterly but retired them in 2016. Following the upheaval and uncertainty caused by COVID-19, we believe these forums can provide critical resources and engage additional voices in advocacy efforts as the Chamber team and membership speak even more frequently to myriad policy issues. Register here. 

Member Spotlight: CEG Interactive, Photo Booth Rental San Diego

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Get in touch with CEG Interactive

Location: 1551 Grand Ave #2, San Diego, CA 92109

Phone: (800) 987-0290

What is Happening: Impact Class of 2022

We are proud to welcome 44 of our region’s best and brightest into this year’s Impact cohort! Over the next 10 months, we will share in full-day workshops with regional experts on the issues and industries that are part of our region’s DNA, what makes San Diego tick, the industries that power us, and the issues we face. Want to know the topics we’ll narrow in on?

  • Leading the San Diego Region & Our Regional Economy
  • Arts & Culture
  • Education
  • Philanthropy & the Nonprofit Sector
  • Innovation
  • Military & Defense
  • Public Health &  Safety
  • Housing in San Diego
  • Our Cross-Border Region
  • Graduation and Leadership Action Team Presentations

Follow along with us on Twitter by searching the hashtag #LEADImpact.


What is Happening: Advance 2021

48 individuals across various sectors and communities make up this year’s Advance Class of 2021. Throughout the twelve sessions, the cohort undergoes tailored coaching, mentorship, and skill building while having the chance to connect with fellow female executives, building lifelong relationships with inspiring leaders who will change the face of the region’s business, government and nonprofit sectors. As we enter into the final few sessions, we are eager to tackle the following topics in the weeks to come:

Being and Becoming

Mindfulness and Forgiveness

Community Leadership

Agent of Change 

Want to read through a highlight reel of the year? Search through the #LEADAdvance archives on twitter!


LEADers On The Move

We enjoy seeing what our graduates are doing and how they are making an impact on the world. Share your good news with us via email:

Travis Ives (Impact 2014 graduate), Cassandra Weinlein (Impact 2020 graduate), Erika Schimmel Guiles (Impact 2021 graduate), and Claire Groebner (Advance 2019 graduate) were named to San Diego Metro’s 40 Under 40. Read more.

Gabrielle Peng (Advance 2019 graduate) is now the Manager of Marketing Operations at Midland Credit Management, an Encore Capital Group Company.

Dawn Wensel (Impact 2021 graduate) is now the Vice President of Development at Reality Changers.

Wendy Urushima-Conn (Impact 1998 graduate) was named a Woman of Distinction by Salvation Army Women of Vision.

Hazzy Pippo (Advance 2021 participant) is now a Board Member for the San Diego Hunger Coalition.

Jim Floros (Influence 2013 graduate) is now the President & CEO of Impact the Change.

Tracy Stayton (Advance 2021 participant) is now the Recreation Services Manager for the City of Encinitas.

Juan Hernandez (Impact 2021 graduate) is now the Director of Veterans Affairs Relations at UCLA.

Ryan Hall (Impact 2021 graduate) is now the Director at Caliber Corporate Advisers.

Esther Northrup (Impact 2013 graduate) is now the Executive Director of Market Expansion – Government & Public Affairs for Cox Communications.

Andrew Harmatys (Influence 2020 graduate) is now the COO for the Farmers Insurance Open (Century Club of San Diego).