California Legislative Session Comes to Close

With the end of the California legislative session came decisions on many key bills, outlined below: 

SB 1338 – CARE Act – Changes how the state cares for those with severe mental illness or substance addiction by creating a wraparound system to ensure care. Signed by Governor. San Diego Regional Chamber Board voted to approve this legislation package. 


SB 113 – California Employer Economic Relief- Restored the Net Operating Loss deduction and lifted a cap on business incentive tax credits that had been removed from the 2020 state budget. Signed by Governor 


SB 260 – Climate Tracking & Auditing – Creates a requirement to track, audit, and cap climate emissions from the private sector. Failed in the Assembly. 


SB 1105 – San Diego Housing Finance Authority – Creates a new financing authority to propose a variety of taxes on the private sector to fund specific affordable housing. Failed in Suspense. 


SB 1162 – Publication of Pay – Requires companies with 100 or more employees to provide information including pay data to the Department of Fair Employment and Housing, and requires pay scales to be included in job postings. Sent to Governor. 


AB 257 – Fast Food Industry Oversight – Creates the Fast Food Sector Council that would have the authority to create labor and employment laws for the industry. Signed by Governor.