Chamber Meets with MX Secretary of Foreign Affairs

Highlighting the significance of cross-border collaboration, Mexico’s Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Alicia Barcena, visited our region to assess critical border infrastructure projects, including the upcoming land port of entry.

The Mexican Consulate in San Diego played a pivotal role by hosting a roundtable discussion with Secretary Barcena and other key regional stakeholders, including representatives from the Chamber.

This forum provided an opportunity to articulate our region’s priorities and discuss the challenges in need of support from the federal government.

In a proactive step forward, stakeholders are set to compile a comprehensive list of border infrastructure needs. This document will be presented to the Secretary as part of the upcoming high-level economic dialogues, ensuring that our region’s concerns are elevated to the appropriate platforms.

Earlier this month, Baja California Governor Marina del Pilar Avila welcomed President Lopez Obrador at her second State of the State Address in Rosarito.

During the address, the Mexican President reiterated his unwavering commitment to prioritizing southbound crossings, the rehabilitation of the Punta Bandera Wastewater Treatment Plant in Tijuana, and the completion of the Otay Mesa East land port of entry on the Mexican side of the border by the end of this year.

These collaborative efforts underscore the Chamber’s ongoing commitment to advocating for efficient borders, ultimately contributing to the increased global competitiveness of our binational region.