TFR collaborates with Modrn Medicin for a caffeinated event in honor of SDRCC Members  

This Feels Right did the unthinkable.  

This Feels Right (TFR) combined Product Development, Performance Marketing, Design, PR, and Content under one roof. Why is that important? Well, if you’re a business owner, you may have noticed that wrangling multiple teams across all those services is a bit like herding cats, and rarely produces the measurable results you’re looking for. It all works better when everything’s working in concert and keyed to measurable ROI. That does feel right 😉  

TFR is new to the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce. Since they were taught never to arrive at a party empty-handed – and love making an entrance – they’re coming with gifts. 

So, like the *effing* Catalina Wine Mixer before us, TFR wants to get to know you (and maybe sing some Andrea Bocelli) by buying you a cup of coffee. 

They’re partnering with Modrn Medicin, a Normal Heights coffee staple infusing Ayurvedic principles into coffee to add healing properties to your familiar caffeine ritual. Modrn Medicin harnesses the power of nature to harmonize the body, mind and spirit in every cup, and their wellness focus makes a perfect collaboration with This Feels Right’s positive community objectives.  

How Does It Work? How do you get that liquid-gold jumpstart to your day, free of charge? Just book a meeting with TFR HERE. Write SDRCC in the invite notes, tell them a bit about yourself, and chat. They’ll coordinate a meeting, and send you a coupon code for your coffee after you talk. 

Why Should I Meet This Feels Right?  TFR wants to learn about you and see if they can help your business take that next step. If you’re curious, they can tell you how they build measurable and scalable success for businesses like you, how they’ve reliably given clients their best SOV & social growth to date, and turned retail strategy into Target success. 

Or you and TFR can watch LOLCat videos together on YouTube. Or you can tell them about your day or your vacay. They’re happy to hear you out. They’re great listeners. Coffee’s for talking. 

Click here to book a meeting. This Feels Right can’t wait to meet you soon!