Meena Westford

Metropolitan Water District of Southern CA

Sacramento Delegation Attendee 2020

As Special Projects Manager at the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, Meena Westford is at the forefront of efforts to resolve some of the West’s most important water issues. Westford is a key member of the Metropolitan team that works on issues to resolve the ongoing imbalance of supplies and demands on the Colorado River, including assignments with environmental stakeholders throughout the Southwest and with water users in the Republic of Mexico. She is Metropolitan’s lead staff person in the agency’s San Diego office, where she holds leadership roles advancing clean technology, and represents Metropolitan on key business and civic organizations that all benefit from Metropolitan’s sustainable water management. Prior to joining Metropolitan in June of 2012, Westford worked for the San Diego County Water Authority, managing the agency’s water use efficiency and dry-year water transfer programs. Westford also worked for the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation for nearly 20 years, where she helped to develop one the agency’s first conservation programs and advanced other leading programs, such as its Title XVI programs, throughout the Mid-Pacific and Lower Colorado regions as well as held complex assignments in Washington, DC. Westford is a long-time San Diego resident. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Resource Economics from San Diego State University and holds a master’s degree in Environmental Policy and Management from the University of Denver. Her master’s explored the future role of recycling and reuse to help advance solutions in the Colorado River basin.