Tana Lorah

Kaiser Permanente

Tana Lorah joined Kaiser Permanente as a community benefit manager in 2010. Now serving as the senior manager of government & community relations, Tana is responsible for legislative and community affairs for the San Diego County service area. Tana's role continues to include charitable support of nonprofit organizations through grant-making and through the management of sponsorships, partnerships and volunteer efforts in the community. Focusing on upstream determinants of health, she is currently managing a small business development initiative to support diverse small businesses connect to capital to expand their opportunities in San Diego. Tana serves as a board member or advisor with the following organizations: Kearny Mesa Planning Group, San Diego Regional EDC Foundation, and the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce Workforce & Education Committee. Tana is a supporter of the Greyhound Adoption Center.... If you haven't adopted a Greyhound, you haven't lived. They are the best.