Reestablishment of Cross-Border Railroad

The reestablishment of a functioning binational railway is critical to the California-Baja economy, specifically to the Tijuana/Tecate and Plaster City metro areas. Reestablishment of rail capabilities will both increase and facilitate the transportation of goods, thus spurring economic growth of the region.

Efficient rail capabilities will reduce commercial truck congestion, air pollution, and travel time for the transportation of goods. Maximizing resources for this railway will undoubtedly result in a large economic boost and strengthen our region’s position as a competitor in the global market.

Through its advocacy efforts, the Chamber has:

  • Facilitated cooperation between city, state and federal governments on both sides of the border in addition to private sector representatives in San Diego/Baja.
  • Lobbied key government officials on behalf of the cross-border railroad, including a discussion with the Secretariat of Transportation during the Chamber’s Annual California-Mexico Trade Initiative.
  • Hosted a briefing on the Binational Railroad Project with Metropolitan Transit System (MTS) CEO Paula Jablonski & General Counsel Karen Landers.


A Memorandum of Understanding was signed between Pacific Imperial Railroad and Baja California Railroad in June 2015. The signing of this agreement marks a significant first step toward the rehabilitation of the entire Cali-Baja freight rail system.