Business Community Voices Support for Home Building

The Chamber’s Policy Committee has prioritized housing and homelessness as their top issue this year. While numerous policy proposals have come out, it remains clear that our region’s decision makers still need additional support, and a clear call-to-action to build the homes our workforce needs.

As part of the Chamber’s ongoing efforts around this issue, on May 22, the Chamber sent the following letter signed by over 100 businesses to all the Mayors in the County of San Diego. The letter urges our elected leaders to prioritize building the housing needed for business and job growth.

If your business would like to sign the letter, please contact Public Affairs Director, Stefanie Benvenuto at Read the full letter below.

To the Mayors throughout San Diego County:

We, the undersigned employers representing hundreds of thousands of jobs throughout the San Diego region, write to request your support of additional housing being built in your city. Housing that is affordable for our employees is a shared top priority, as we recognize that the housing deficit that has resulted in our current housing crisis is dangerous to our ability to retain and attract talent.

The importance of more homes being built cannot be understated. As employees are lured away from the high cost of San Diego, or are pushed into commutes that challenge our environmental goals and impair employees’ quality of life, our region becomes less competitive and we lose the vibrant, productive individuals and families that have much to contribute to our local communities. As employers who are committed to this region, we ask you to urgently and proactively prioritize homebuilding in your community to ensure that local businesses can retain their valued employees, and so we may continue to invest in the workforce pipelines of the future.

We are confident that our region will build its way out of the housing crisis, and that our workforce will be housed without draining commutes, challenging financial choices or lack of housing options. We are committed to working with you and supporting additional homes being brought to market with the urgency that our current situation demands.

The business community stands ready to help solve our housing crisis and appreciates your leadership.


Jerry Sanders
San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce

Nancy Batterman
Employment & Community Options

Marilyn Hannes
SeaWorld San Diego

Chris Van Gorder
Scripps Health

Matthew Boomhower
Southern Cross Property Consultants

Neil Mohr
Republic Services

Salar Baktash
Let’s Insure

Sam Attisha
Cox Communications

Dan Feldman
Sunroad Enterprises

Lisa Kay
Alta Environmental

Bill Earley
West Health

Gabriel Perez Krieb
Chosen Foods

Dina Soliman

Alessandra Lezama

Joe Terzi
San Diego Tourism Authority

Tom Wornham
CalPrivate Bank

Keith B. Jones
Ace Parking

Donna Jones
Law Office of Donna Jones

Rita Brandin
Newland Communities

Ernesto Arredondo
Seacoast Commerce Bank

Neil Hyytinen
Hecht Solberg Robinson Goldberg & Bagley

Steve South

Shane Beard

Cam Shultz
Fully Promoted

Borre Winckel
San Diego Building Industry Association

Mitch Mitchell
San Diego Gas & Electric Company

Diana Casey
Strauss Limited Partnership

Zach Stevens
Sygnal Systems

Alan Pentico
San Diego County Apartment Association

Patrick Shipley
Lytx, Inc.

Ignacio De la Torre

Phil Blair

Jose Cruz
Barrio Logan College Institute

Jonathan Choi

Dimitrios Alexiou
Hospital Association of San Diego & Imperial Counties

Michael W. Murphy
Sharp HealthCare

Gilman Bishop
Bishop & Company

Kevin Mooney
General Dynamics NASSCO

Kathleen Strauss
3944 Third Ave., LLC

Adrian LeCesne
Law Office of Adrian LeCesne

Tom Tamar
City Wide Protection Services, Inc.

Rikki Schroeder
RMA Consultants

Henry N. Tuttle
Health Center Partners of Southern California

Chris Yanov
Reality Changers

Steve Ruffner
KB Home

Chizuko Sugawara
San Diego Journey Tours, Inc.

Joe Panetta

Rhett McMurry
BOTE San Diego

Todd Lane
California Coast Credit Union

Debbie Carreno
360° Painting San Diego

Brian Strauss
Danube Properties, Inc.

Don Clauson
Strat Property Management Inc.

Betsy Brennan
Downtown San Diego Partnership

Carlos Arzola
b+c Office Interiors

Carter Davis
Hope Credit

Chris Hammer
Energie Fuel Group LLLP (Wholesale Fuel Costs for Small Businesses- Nationwide)

Randy Bogle
San Diego Military Advisory Council

Danny Fitzgerald

Jane Finley
Kaiser Permanente

Michael Murphy
American Medical Response

Adam Jones
Retail Habitats

James Lawson
Presidio Public Affairs

Ed Plant
San Diego Refrigerated Services

Paul Hegyi
San Diego County Medical Society

David Leingang
McCain, Inc.

Chris Duggan
California Restaurant Association

Connie Kirk
Imperial Beach Clinic

Daniel J. Ryan
Alexandria Real Estate

Scott Suckow
American Liver Foundation, Pacific Coast Division

Dr. Bob Brower
Point Loma Nazarene University

Kusaynyonon Mackenzie
Sophia + Sam, LLC

Dr. Rakesh Patel
Neighborhood Health Care

Collin Smith
Cravory Cookies

Uchey Dijeh
California Hepatitis C Task Force

James Cliame
Net Result

Graeme McKenzie
DTOX Republic

Tiffany David
Total People Management

Lidia Martinez
Southwest Airlines

Craig Gavson
Hyginix LLC

Randy Strauss

Ari Isaak
Evari GIS Consulting, Inc.

Scott M. McMillin
McMillin, LLC

Sharla Mandere
Radiant Sunrise Wellness

Jacqueline Reynoso
National City Chamber of Commerce

Damon Goldstein
Truly Fine Wine/VentureSomm

Patty Maysent
UC San Diego Health

Chancellor Pradeep Khosla
UC San Diego

John Seymour
National Core

Elvin Lai
San Diego Hotel-Motel Association

Carrie Hessler-Radelet
Project Concern International

Dr. David Andrews
National University

Michael Johnson
Carrier Johnson

David Cherashore
Evans Hotels

Jim Schmid
Chelsea Investment Corporation

Teresa Stivers
Walden Family Services

William Short
Labcoat Group

Colin Parent
Circulate San Diego

Mike Asaro

Mary Bixby
San Diego Charter School

Vilavanh Sanginthirath
Innovations City, LLC

Dan L. Grabko
Jobtip, Inc.

Dennis O’Connor
Thorn St. Brewing

Marcela Escobar-Eck
Atlantis Group

Hernán Luis y Prado
Workshops for Warriors