Governor Brown Strikes Affordable Housing Deal in New Budget Proposal

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As California’s housing costs continue to skyrocket, Governor Jerry Brown has proposed new legislation to streamline the permitting process for developers wishing to build affordable homes. As research has already shown, San Diego’s housing regulations contribute to 40 percent of housing costs, and 21 percent of San Diego’s households are priced out of the market.

If Governor Brown’s legislation passes, new projects with 20 percent affordable housing or 10 percent near public transit would be exempt from most local reviews. And, on June 9, the governor struck a new deal with low-income housing advocates: in order to receive the $400 million of subsidies to build low-income housing, legislators must first approve his affordable housing legislation.

While the Chamber has not taken a formal position on his new legislation, the Chamber team is pleased to see Governor Brown moving away from proposals that strictly rely upon housing subsidies, and instead begin to address the onerous regulatory burden that developers face when trying to build additional homes.

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