Member Spotlight: 1marketingidea

1marketingidea is a social experience marketing agency.  We use digital marketing to enhance your brand experience, raise awareness, and drive more customers to your business.  Our expertise is in social training and marketing campaigns; website design and development; and creative design and video editing to improve the quality of your message.

At 1marketingidea our true north is to share, to care, and to lead. We believe in teaching, coaching, consulting, and sharing with other entrepreneurs on how you can apply new marketing ideas to find more customers.  Our Facebook interview series ‘1 Marketing Idea Under 3 Minutes’ is a program for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs where they share marketing ideas that have worked well.  The lifeblood of our company is our relentless commitment to delivering world-class customer service.  This is what sets us apart from any other marketing agency.  And lastly, it is our duty to our clients to lead with the most innovative marketing tactics and insights and provide the best ROMI.

“I took my first steps in the city of Lima, Perú where I was born into a family of restaurant owners.  My family moved to Cleveland, Ohio, in 1990, to explore new opportunities at the time when terrorism in Peru was at its height.  There I got my first job waiting tables at a restaurant while finishing my college degree in marketing.  Fast forward 20 years and my last job was as Chief Marketing Officer for The DiJulius Group.  While there, I leveraged digital marketing for brand evangelism and to help create and maintain relationships.  It was my success at this that gave me the confidence to open my own business and focus on what I do best for my own clients”, says CEO & Founder David ‘Daveeed’ Wagner.

1marketingidea digital marketing services include:

  1. Social media marketing team development, campaigns, and webinars
  2. Website development and design
  3. Video production and creative design
  4. Free marketing ideas


The demand for our business has comes mainly from B2B companies who offer professional services, training, public speaking, and non-profit organizations.  The industries we have worked with so far include:

  • Business Management Consulting Groups
  • Keynote Speakers and Authors
  • Corporate Trainers
  • Professional Associations
  • Restaurants

Contact Information

You can learn more about 1marketingidea at

Contact us at or at 619-990-0062.