Future of Planning and Civic San Diego

Since 1992 Civic San Diego and its predecessor CCDC has helped to guide the development of Downtown San Diego into the thriving and successful downtown we see today. The pending settlement between the City and Labor provides an opportunity for the City to integrate the success learned by Civic San Diego into the larger City and elevate the planning and permitting services the City provides to its urban neighborhoods, as well as enhance the City’s efforts to tackle the housing crisis, create jobs, and improve the quality of life in San Diego communities. The pending settlement also allows Civic to continue its successes in community development by providing an opportunity to focus greater attention and resources on executing Civics’ growth strategy within its New Markets Tax Credit and Community Lending Programs.  Both of these programs generate exceptional impacts for low-income individuals and communities within San Diego, including quality jobs and critical services.  The settlement will also provide Civic the ability to expand its housing initiatives, which will secure funds to help increase our regional housing supply for middle and low-income residents. Additionally, Civic will continue to assist the City in the wind-down of redevelopment.