Member Spotlight: DigestLive

It started in Morocco with Meme Masouda.

A native healer, Meme used local herbs to form a uniquely powerful blend that provided instant and gentle digestive relief to ailing local women.

40 years later her family continues her healing legacy.

Organza produces the only herbal blend geared to the female digestive system — DigestLive™.

For every man, three women will suffer from Constipation, Gas and Bloating (CBG). DigestLive™ provides gentle and effective CBG relief and supports women’s digestive health.

How is DigestLive™ different to anything else out there?

DigestLive effectively relieves Constipation, Gas and Bloating (CBG).

The modern woman travels, works and cares for her family. Relieving CBG means she feels cleansed, energized and comfortable.

To be her best self, she needs to be able to go easily, regularly and naturally.

DigestLive™ achieves this in a unique way:

  • Uniquely crafted to complement the female body
  • 11 herbs backed by science, that aid digestion and relieve CBG
  • No Chemicals, just natural and effective passage
  • No aggressive laxatives packaged in pink.

This supplement holistically supports the female body and is best suited to women in all ages and stages:

  • Periods
  • Childbirth
  • PMS
  • Surgery

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