Economic threat averted: No tariffs on imports from Mexico

The San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce released the following statement from President and CEO Jerry Sanders about the agreement between the U.S. and Mexico preventing the implementation of tariffs on imports from Mexico:

“This is welcomed news by the thousands of businesses across the U.S. that were grappling with the uncertainty these threats cause. We are optimistic that this new agreement will prevent further threats – and we can refocus efforts on passing USMCA and securing a prosperous and mutually beneficial relationship with our country’s number one trading partner.”

The Chamber and trade organizations across the country spent the previous ten days lobbying against the tariffs as such a move would have disrupted our region’s highly integrated supply chain resulting in increased production costs and ultimately job losses in the U.S. However, the possible imposition of tariffs continues as the White House reconsiders its position in the coming weeks. Not only are these tariffs bad for our local businesses and economy but they hurt our chances of getting the USMCA approved. As such, we are continuing the pressure in D.C. to oppose tariffs and secure support for USMCA.

In addition to issuing letters to the administration and Congress, the Chamber issued press statements and signed onto the US Chamber business community statement of 140 associations supporting the adoption of the USMCA and opposing tariffs on Mexican imports.

Our position was covered by several media outlets, click here to view media.