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Member Spotlight: Compass Charter Schools

In 2012, Compass Charter Schools (CCS) began with a small team of educators in Southern California committed to providing a safe, family-centered alternative to the traditional brick and mortar school for scholars throughout the state. While CCS has evolved over the years, the desire to provide excellent educational options has remained strong with its online and homeschool programs. CCS continues to educate the highly gifted, the bullied, the athlete, the actor, the academically-challenged, the chronically ill, and many other scholars who seek a personalized educational experience outside of traditional classroom walls.

CCS works diligently to grow it’s learning community with families, scholars, and staff who value each other and exemplify respect, kindness, teamwork, achievement and open communication. It nurtures those who have been wounded in some way by the traditional school setting, those who are not able to find flexible academic programs that fit their needs, and those in need of guidance as they tread on unfamiliar ground on their virtual educational journey.

CCS offers flexible academic programs to support children like Lilimar Hernandez Ruiz, a high school scholar at CCS who recently landed a role on the new Nickelodeon comedy series, Knight Squad. Lilimar shared, “CCS has definitely helped me continue to expand my knowledge while being extremely flexible with my filming schedule.” Isabella Leon, an elementary school scholar, recently published her debut music single Dance With Me on iTunes and Spotify and is actively pursuing a career in the entertainment industry. “If it wasn’t for Compass Charter Schools, I would never be able to pursue my dream of becoming a successful music artist,” said Isabella. CCS truly cares about each of its scholars and is not only dedicated to their academic success but to their social and emotional development.

Compass Charter Schools is committed to providing an environment where children feel safe and inspired to develop into confident, innovative, creative, self-directed scholars. Scholars find success at Compass Charter Schools because they have the support of a dedicated staff and their loving families.CCS is loud and proud about making a difference in the lives of scholars throughout California!

J.J. Lewis
Superintendent & CEO
Compass Charter Schools